Strong tax and business counsel facilitates a company's improved competitive position.  This includes streamlining compliance efforts to improve operations and tailoring its programs and plans.  This is all in addition to intelligent and creative tax structures to accommodate competing interests to close transactions that might otherwise not happen.

The firm advises clients on tax issues at the federal, state and local levels and also represents them in tax disputes.


The laws governing employee benefits (ERISA) have grown in complexity, and the incidence of benefits-based litigation continues to rise which leaves employers facing constantly changing and highly technical laws.  The cost of a misstep has become increasingly expensive.  More than ever before, employers need knowledgeable counsel whose expertise covers the range of employee benefits issues.

General Employee Benefits Compliance

* Compliance Counsel - advising on how best to satisfy tax, labor, employment and PBGC pronouncements and regulations, including ERISA reporting and disclosure requirements

* Plan administration and correction - helping clients interpret and administer plans and, if necessary, correcting problems using IRS and DOL correction programs

*  Fiduciary counseling and plan termination guidance - counseling employers, plan trustees and others about fiduciary responsibility, prohibited transactions, unrelated business income, mergers and transfers of plan assets, and plan termnation.

Retirement Plans

*  Benefit program design - identifying the greatest tax advantages, utilizing cross-testing and Social Security integration and comparability

* Draft of Plan documents - creating both individually designed and IRS pre-approved plan documents that satisfy requirements for qualified retirement plans

* Plan qualification - overseeing and managing the process of obtaining IRS favorable determination letters for qualified retirement plans

Health & Welfare Plans

* Flexible benefit plans - designing and drafting flexible benefit (cafeteria) and helping clients administer them

Executive Compensation

*  Equity compensation - drafting and advising on stock-based plans that provide for both incentive and nonstatutory (non-qualified) stock options, stock appreciation rights plans and direct stock bonus grants;  analyzing and advising on tax consequences

*Nonqualified deferred compensation - drafting and advising on the structure and tax ramifications of arrangements that defer compensation independent of qualified plans, and analyzing tax consequences under Tax Code Section 409A

Litigation and Benefits Claims Disputes

*  ERISA litigation - providing substantive consulting on underlying benefit issues

*  Benefit claim disputes - advising clients on litigation risks and assisting with the proper handling of the plan's administrative claims review procedure

Federal tax laws are extensive, complicated and constantly changing.  Structuring operations and transactions to take full advantage of the opportunities provided can meaningfully benefit your business.

The firm is prepared to advise companies, whether they be corporations, partnerships, LLCs or another type of entity, on tax planning and emerging tax issues.  This extends to the tax issues of significant transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, common and preferred stock offerings, recapitalizations, redemptions, complete and partial liquidations, debt financing and refinancing.

When appropriate, the firm will assist clients by obtaining advance rulings from tax authorities on the tax implications of specific transactions.

Our team focuses their practice on the intricacies of tax law.  This allows us to bring clients sophisticated advice both efficiently and responsively.